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Q's & A's

Why did you become a photographer?

This is a weird one so stay with me........ I had a serious back injury which basically kept me bedridden for 9mths! Whilst laying in bed feeling sorry for myself, I decided that once I had recovered I would actually do something that I enjoy! I then had my eureka moment and decided to give my all to my hobby - photography - and turn it into my career!

Have you had any training?

Of course - I have studied for nearly 5yrs! This covered photography, printing, lighting, editing, business, creativity......... and a whole lot more! I do however believe that to stay at the top of your game you need to keep learning so I believe as a wedding photographer I will always remain a student!

Your bio mentions that you teach as well......

Yes - in addition to my photography training I have also trained as a teacher & currently teach City & Guilds photography in 2 adult education colleges - CALAT & SUTTON COLLEGE - and my own private training company CitySnappers. I really enjoy teaching others the pleasures of photography and hopefully my learners enjoy having me as their Tutor!

Why don't you belong to any photographic societies?

Quite simply I lost faith in the idea...... let me explain. I contemplated becoming a member of various photographic institutes/societies to potentially enhance my brand and give my potential clients faith that I am a professional, however I soon realised that ANYONE with limited photographic experience can purchase a membership which kind of defeats the prestige of being associated with such establishments. Membership fees can cost a lot of money when at the end of the day it is my images, experience and quality of work that keeps attracting clients.

What equipment do you use?

I originally started my career with Nikon APS-C DSLR Cameras and progressed to Nikon FX cameras via a sponsorship deal. The quality of the cameras and lenses are exceptional however the weight and size of these cameras are incredible!

When my son was born in 2011 I figured that I could not realistically carry my huge & heavy set up so looked for a high quality compact so that I could capture my little man growing up, when I found a little system known as Micro Four Thirds....... from my very first E-PL1 I was hooked! The files were incredibly detailed, The shallow depth of field was great especially when used with one of the very high quality prime lenses availble, it worked well in low light and weighed next to nothing!

I introduced the little marvels to my Street Photography and could not believe how good the system was, which is why I started using the system with paying clients!

I have recently decided to make a full switch to Olympus & it's Micro Four Thirds sytem ending my relationship with the ever brilliant Nikons..... and I do not regret it one bit!

I no longer have backache or neckache, my images are a lot more spontaneous as I am less obtrusive to my clients and the quality of my photographs are exceptional - check out my gallery!

I also use Lastolite & Lencarta professional studio backdrops & studio lighting for my portraiture.

Are you insured?

Of course!!! Unlike a lot of so called 'Professional Wedding Photographers' we are fully insured, not only that but we are also Enhanced CRB checked!

What does the future hold for you?

I am currently writing my first photography guide book - which will be available as a hardback & digital download - and am planning another exhibition of my Street Photography to be held in the South London area. I will add details as soon as they are ready...... and of course continuing my work as a wedding photographer!

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